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Mentoring Services

Need a nuc or package installed? Have some bee questions? Need help with your hives? Not sure if your hive has a queen? Need a beekeeping mentor? Tesla Bee Supply can help! Tesla provides mentoring and other bee related services at a reasonable cost.

Package Installation
For first time beekeepers, package installation can be an intimidating task. We can show you how to install one or all of your springtime packages and provide guidance so that you are comfortable handling the bees in the weeks to come. We will also install your nucleus colonies (nucs).

Site Evaluation
Let us help you determine the best hive location at your site.

Private Lessons
We can show you how to use your beekeeping tools, conduct hive inspections, and monitor for varroa mite infestation.

Hive Management
Year round or temporary assistance can be provided.

Do you have a specific problem with your hive? We will help troubleshoot the problem.

We can help determine the hive’s queen status (Is she even in there?) and make recommendations.

Oxalic Acid Vaporization Mite Treatment
We will administer oxalic acid mite treatments to your hives. Supers must be off of the hive before treatment starts. Colonies typically require at least 3 treatments over a one month period.

Send an email to indicating your area(s) of interest, and we’ll send our fee structure.

Paul from Kennett Square Golf & Country Club writes:
We have been working with Chris Biondi of Tesla bee supply for the past year as we started keeping bees on the golf course for the first time, in the spring of 2015. Chris has been most helpful in all aspects of beekeeping from site selection to an in-depth supply list and realistic equipment cost estimate. It is one thing to read about beekeeping and attend seminars but having a mentor was well worth the cost when you consider the investment in bees, time and commitment. In our first year we have expanded from two hives to three hives and a nucleus colony. Our bees are doing very well and I feel confident that the education and mentoring from Chris made all the difference. There is much to learn about bees and not all can be learned from a book. Chris made the learning process fun and enjoyable.